Life is Good…Antiques make it beautiful.

Zeina Barazi, Owner of the Antique Warehouse. Design By Zeina

In the modern era, antiques are no longer meant just to fill space and serve their practical purpose. Antique and vintage furnishings are now recognized as decorative works of art, focal points and conversation pieces around the house. In other words, they are now recognized for what they truly are: things of beauty. Quality pieces of art that have survived a bye-gone era where quality of craftsmanship was exceptional, and mass production was virtually unheard of.

An antique fills a space with charm, elegance and grace like nothing else. It’s little wonder that designers and collectors alike search the globe to find just the right piece.

Now that e-commerce has become mainstream, you can shop from your home, whether it be in London or New York, and purchase a piece from us here in Vancouver with the ease of a click of the button.

Here at The Antique Warehouse we strive to bring you high quality pieces that will open up your eyes to the beautiful world of antiques, all the while satisfying your budget.

Larry Adams and his partner Mark LaFleur travel to Europe several times a year shopping their network of dealers, fairs and other cultivated sources. They fill their 12,000 sq. ft showroom with some of most interesting pieces you’ll find anywhere. From period 17th Century pieces up to Mid-Century Modern, nothing escapes the discerning eye of Mark and Larry. You’ll find antiques from a signed French Art Deco piece worth over ten thousand of dollars to a small Country French table for just a few hundred dollars. It’s all there for any budget and any taste.

Our mission statement has never changed since we opened our doors some 28 years ago. Best Service, Best Selection and Best Prices. Our highly talented staff can help make sure you choose just the right thing for your home. Above all, we want you to be happy, because if you’re happy were happy. It’s as simple as that.